Mural in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Another super-duper ‘awesome’ mural I saw during my 6 day trip to Reykjavik, Iceland… on Laugavegur Street in the City Centre. In addition to good food & a good craft beer scene, Reykjavik has numerous murals!


Mural in Reykjavik, Iceland.

One of the many murals I saw in Reykjavik, Iceland last month… not the most artistic mural I’ve seen, but definitely impressive because of its size. If you enjoy looking at murals, then Reykjavik’s a good city just for that reason, but it’s also good for many other reasons (from good local craft beer to craft coffee to well organized tours, etc.).

A Rare Icelandic Beer…! Hvalur 2, by Bruggus Stedja!

A rare Icelandic beer I had while I was in Reykjavik, Iceland last month. This really is a rare beer, because you can’t find it in the United States & it’s difficult to find in Iceland. I had to contact the brewery directly for a special delivery! The beer is called “Hvalur 2” and it’s brewed by the brewery, “Brugghus Stedja.” What makes this beer special is that it’s brewed with fin whale testicles, which are smoked with sheep dung. I highly recommend this rare beer for the adventurous traveler! 

Harpa Building In Reykjavik, Iceland.

This building is called the “Harpa Centre” and it’s in Reykjavik, Iceland… It sort of reminded me of the “Rundle Lantern” (another building) in Adelaide, South Australia, because of how they both light up. They’re both amazing in person.

Hallgrimskirkja in Reykjavik, Iceland.

The famous “Hallgrimskirkja” Cathedral/Church in Reykjavik, Iceland from my trip last month… This is the back of the church. This is a must-see attraction.

Micro Roast Te & Kaffi

From my recent trip to Reykjavik, Iceland last month… a picture from inside of Micro Roast Te & Kaffi, definitely a coffee shop worth stopping at if you’re in Downtown Reykjavik, if you like coffee & breakfast foods! I suggest their croque monsieur sandwich (jalapeƱo jack cheese) and cappuccino with a double-shot of espresso! Their cheese bagels and cafe au lait is also great…

Hallgrimskirkja Church/Cathedral… An Icon in Reykjavik, Iceland

Hallgrimskirkja is a must-see if you visit Reykjavik, Iceland… which I am now. Not your most typical church/cathedral, which makes it even more worth visiting.