Houston Flood

On Monday, April 18th, 2016 as I was about to leave my hostel (Morty Rich Hostel), there was a heavy rainstorm happening in Houston, TX and parts of the city were experiencing some severe flash floods… The entire public transportation (trains, buses, etc.) was fully shit down the entire morning & early afternoon, and even some businesses were closed. I thought my flight was going to end up getting cancelled that night, but luckily it didn’t!


Houston, Texas Skyline

Picture I took of the Houston city skyline from a parking lot along Main Street…

Dive Bar With a Wild West Feel

A dive bar I went to during my 3 day stay in Houston, Texas in April of 2016 that has a Wild West sort of feel/look to it called the “Lone Star Saloon” (1900 Travis Street). Although it doesn’t have a big craft beer selection, it’s worth a stop. The staff are nice, the beers are cheap, and the decor is interesting/funky.

Hay Merchant

Went to a craft beer bar called “Hay Merchant” (1100 Westheimer Rd.) during my 3 day stay in Houston, TX in April of 2016 and I’d recommend it to anyone that loves craft beer & simple pub grub. Well over 50 beers on tap, and as far as food, I loved their pig ears & chicken wings!

Coffee Shop (Honeymoon), Houston, TX

Honeymoon, a coffee shop I went to in Downtown Houston on Main Street, in April of 2016. Anyone who loves small chain & independent coffee shops [that make good quality craft coffee] should stop here during a stay in Houston.