Graffiti in Reykjavik, Iceland.

In addition to having a lot of awesome murals, Reykjavik, Iceland also had a lot of impressive illegal graffiti. Some of it was impressive and some of it was crap, but it was nearly everywhere… billboards, buildings, walls, fences, and even storefronts along busy streets.


Murals of the World.

A mural I saw inside of a parking garage in Reykjavik, Iceland… across the street from the Harpa Centre Building (an iconic building in Reykjavik worth seeing).

Mural in Portland, Maine.

Mural I saw in Portland, Maine… I’ve been to Portland, Oregon many times, but only Portland, Maine once… However, Portland Maine had a nice arts and craft beer scene for a small city. I was here in August of 2012. I took a Greyhound Bus here from Washington, DC and it was one of my last trips on Greyhound before they [sadly] tore down the old Greyhound Terminal in Washington, DC that was located on 1st & K Street NE.

Mural in Washington, DC.

Simple, but nice & colorful mural I came across in Washington, DC near the Georgia Avenue-Petworth Metro Station in the Northwest part of the city.

Mural in Washington, DC (off of Georgia Avenue, NW)