Belfort, France

From my March, 2013 trip to France… A view of the City of Belfort, from the top of the Fortified Walls of Belfort (also where the Lion of Belfort statue sits), from a different angle… definitely a “must-see” attraction for any visitor.


Light Rail Train In Zurich, Switzerland

A picture I took of a light rail train in Zurich, Switzerland in March of 2013… on a separate trip to Europe to visit relatives. This picture was taken near Zurich Hauptbahnhof (Zurich’s main train station, and one of the world’s busiest).

Diamond Head Mountain, Honolulu, HI

Picture I took about halfway up or a little higher than halfway up (not from the bottom, not from the top) Diamond Head Mountain in August of 2014… I’d recommend this to anyone visiting Honolulu.