Graffiti in Reykjavik, Iceland.

In addition to having a lot of awesome murals, Reykjavik, Iceland also had a lot of impressive illegal graffiti. Some of it was impressive and some of it was crap, but it was nearly everywhere… billboards, buildings, walls, fences, and even storefronts along busy streets.


Old Fountain

Picture from my 2013 trip to France & Switzerland… I love these old little fountains that are typical to French cities, towns, and villages. They might even be typical all over Europe. They’re not so typical in the USA, so they’re definitely worth a picture when you see one! This was taken in the suburbs of Belfort (don’t remember the name of this village).

Shell Of a Building In Washington, DC.

A shell of a building I saw in Washington, DC yesterday while walking along Georgia Avenue, NW… They’re going to tear it down (or remodel it, which they often don’t do), so I had to take a picture.