Ru Du Berger

From my March, 2013 trip to France, on a street called “Ru Du Berger” in the City of Belfort. You can see that the buildings are very old and European in their look here.


Scenic France

Picture from my March, 2013 trip to France… scenery from the suburbs of Belfort, France (trees, old homes, French flag, etc.)

Light Rail Train In Zurich, Switzerland

A picture I took of a light rail train in Zurich, Switzerland in March of 2013… on a separate trip to Europe to visit relatives. This picture was taken near Zurich Hauptbahnhof (Zurich’s main train station, and one of the world’s busiest).

Airport (Zurich, Switzerland)

Picture I took in Zurich, Switzerland (Kloten Airport) during a family trip to France in December of 2012. This airport looks beautiful during the holiday season.

Zurich, Switzerland Airport

Picture I took at the airport in Zurich, Switzerland in December of 2012 (while waiting in line to go through customs) when I went on a family trip to France to visit relatives… This airport is quite nice. Last time I went to France was around New Years of 2014. Both Switzerland & France are beautiful countries.

Houston Flood

On Monday, April 18th, 2016 as I was about to leave my hostel (Morty Rich Hostel), there was a heavy rainstorm happening in Houston, TX and parts of the city were experiencing some severe flash floods… The entire public transportation (trains, buses, etc.) was fully shit down the entire morning & early afternoon, and even some businesses were closed. I thought my flight was going to end up getting cancelled that night, but luckily it didn’t!