A Rare Icelandic Beer…! Hvalur 2, by Bruggus Stedja!

A rare Icelandic beer I had while I was in Reykjavik, Iceland last month. This really is a rare beer, because you can’t find it in the United States & it’s difficult to find in Iceland. I had to contact the brewery directly for a special delivery! The beer is called “Hvalur 2” and it’s brewed by the brewery, “Brugghus Stedja.” What makes this beer special is that it’s brewed with fin whale testicles, which are smoked with sheep dung. I highly recommend this rare beer for the adventurous traveler! 


Baejarins Beztu Pylsur

An Icelandic hot dog (street food) I got at this locally famous stand called “Baejarins Beztu Pylsur” one night during my stay in Reykjavik last month. An Icelandic hot dog usually includes sweet mustard, ketchup, remoulade, deep-fried onions, dried shallots, typical hot dog bun, and lamb sausages soaked in hot dog water or beer (or Pylsur sausages or a beer & pork frankfurter).

Islenski Barinn in Reykjavik, Iceland.

Eating some typical Icelandic food at the Islenski Barinn (a bar, pub, and restaurant in Reykjavik)… eating dried haddock, fermented shark, butter, and drinking local beer. The fermented shark is a delicacy and is served in small cubes. If you stay as a guest at the Oddson Hostel, you can get a discount coupon for 15% off your meal at the Islenski Barinn (and coupons for other select restaurants). Islenski Barinn has many local foods and beers to choose from.

Islenski Barinn, a Restaurant in Reykjavik, Iceland.

A restaurant in Reykjavik, Iceland called “Islenski Barinn” that serves up some traditional Icelandic food like fermented shark, dried haddock, puffin bird, etc. Not to mention that there’s also a decent selection of local beers.

Micro Roast Te & Kaffi

From my recent trip to Reykjavik, Iceland last month… a picture from inside of Micro Roast Te & Kaffi, definitely a coffee shop worth stopping at if you’re in Downtown Reykjavik, if you like coffee & breakfast foods! I suggest their croque monsieur sandwich (jalapeƱo jack cheese) and cappuccino with a double-shot of espresso! Their cheese bagels and cafe au lait is also great…

Typical French Meal

From my March, 2013 trip to France… a typical French meal (not a meal that people eat on a regular basis, but still typical French)… includes horse steak, French fries, and a variety of cheeses. Can also include wine and a salad.


In March of 2013 when I was riding the TGV train from Zurich HB (the main train station in Zurich, Switzerland) to Belfort-Montbeliard in France to see relatives. While I was on the train, I was sipping a craft beer called “Edelweiss,” which is a wheat beer produced in Austria and very popular in this region of Europe, and cheap as well.