Hallgrimskirkja Church/Cathedral… An Icon in Reykjavik, Iceland

Hallgrimskirkja is a must-see if you visit Reykjavik, Iceland… which I am now. Not your most typical church/cathedral, which makes it even more worth visiting.


Ru Du Berger

From my March, 2013 trip to France, on a street called “Ru Du Berger” in the City of Belfort. You can see that the buildings are very old and European in their look here.

Saint Christophe Cathedral

From my March, 2013 trip to France… a shot of Saint Christophe Cathedral… definitely a must-see, both inside & out. It was built between 1725 & 1750 and has been a national monument of France since 1930.

Belfort, France Cityscape

From my March, 2013 trip to France… a photo of a sidestreet in Old Town Belfort.

Driving In the Countryside of France

Driving around Grosmagny or Giromagny, France with relatives… villages, communes, towns, or suburbs (whatever you want to call them) of the City of Belfort. From my March, 2013 trip to France.

Typical French Meal

From my March, 2013 trip to France… a typical French meal (not a meal that people eat on a regular basis, but still typical French)… includes horse steak, French fries, and a variety of cheeses. Can also include wine and a salad.