Houston Flood

On Monday, April 18th, 2016 as I was about to leave my hostel (Morty Rich Hostel), there was a heavy rainstorm happening in Houston, TX and parts of the city were experiencing some severe flash floods… The entire public transportation (trains, buses, etc.) was fully shit down the entire morning & early afternoon, and even some businesses were closed. I thought my flight was going to end up getting cancelled that night, but luckily it didn’t!


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During my free time I love to travel, try new craft beers & explore new bars, get tattooed, and take pictures of just about anything from mural art to food to architecture and more. Traveling is my favorite activity & passion. Last, but not least, I suffer from learning disabilities & physical health issues, so I figured that my accomplishments (whether they're big or small) could potentially be an inspiration to some other people.

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